MakeSenseBrand Nig Limited is a registered company under the CAC(Cooperate Affair Commission) with RC number : 1596696

MSBNL is an embodiment of units whereby we have the entertaining, promoting and selling of wears units which are makesensegist Tv, and makesensewears, YBRmusic respectively. As the brand name implies MakeSenseBrand Nig limited we are open to lots of features irrespective of our major works. Features we are open to is as follows:

Management of record labels and artistes: MakeSenseBrand Nig Limited is more than how you just picture it. This is a platform that does not only promote what you do massively but equally manage your brand effectively to produce positive results.

Taking for example record labels, there are lots of artists signed to various labels but have no big achievement to bring forward. Not that these artistes are not good, but some labels only have funds to run the business but lack the right plugs to push thier artistes and unfortunately, the record deal with the artistes gets expired and back to square 1. Why not partner with us today and testify of the change MakeSenseBrand Nig Limited brought to You?? Are you an artiste who has been underground for a long while and really need his works to be heard and equally want to widen his Fan base?? We’ve got you covered at makeSenseBrand Nig Limited as we take you to real world of the music industry.

Makesensegist TV a brand under MSBNL

Management of entertainment and Business brand: Running an entertainment and business brand and with only funds and little knowledge is bad for real business. That is why here at makeSenseBrand Nig Limited, our team are well equipped with vast knowledge to bring positive results to your entertainment and business brand. a brand under MSBNL

Sponsorship of events: Do you have an event and lack enough sponsorship? MakeSenseBrand Nig limited has got you covered as your Happiness and success is our goal.

Help to build legal business: Every human has that dream, that talent, that event you just want to do and let the whole world know about it, but due to lack of proper funding and ideas such plans are killed. MakeSenseBrand Nig limited has taken up the mantle of seeing youths achieving what they aim to become by loaning out funds which can be able to give them a starting point

Young Boy’s Relevant Music under MSBNL

Major event/ business promoter: The major goal of an event is to ensure it’s sold out. Promoting your event is one of the major keys in achieving such. Here at MakeSenseBrand Nig limited we offer this service at its very best. Legal business folks ain’t left out too, we help promote what you do in our ads section and trust us to get an effective change.

MakesenseWears a brand under MSBNL

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