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We believe What make ones the best and successful is not how big your name is in the world only but also your contribution to to success of your fellow being

On this foundation we have claimed to be the best entertainment website not only by our name MAKESENSEGIST [HEARTBEAT OF ENTERTAINMENT] but by bringing in new concepts, ideas, knowledge to help the industry grow, boost businesses around us financially and Make Entertainers(musicians,comedians,dancers)known to the world

That is why we have introduced this new ideas all for you and all for free

Here are some top notch/Celebrity shows/Concert we are being confirmed as Media partnerClick here to view more from our IG page

Here is our animation ads video for us and for u if you want

Click here to view more from our IG page

What do you think about us, feel free to comment your opinion and help us Develop, help us build the industry by giving us more ideas/concept

Reach out to 08105731089

Thank you all


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